The Beach

The Beach Studios

The Big Sur

Big Sur is our “Studio A”. A world-class room acoustically tuned for balance and sweetness, Big Sur is perfect for everything from drums or grand piano to live bands and string sections. Home to a LaFont 128 input console and ProTools HD, Big Sur has hosted the world’s top artists.


Lafont Chroma 128 input recording console
Pro Tools 10 HD3
48 tracks of Alesis HD24
24 tracks of Otari MX80 analog
Tannoy, Yamaha monitors
Lexicon, Drawmer, TL Audio, SPL, Amek Neve, Waves, Melodyne, Massenburg DW, Eventide, TC Electronic, Soundtoys

Lots of microphones to choose from, including Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, EV, Shure, Beyer Dynamic, Microtech Gefell & SE Electronics


Our “Studio B”. More intimate than Big Sur, Laguna is equipped with a Icon D-Command, Pro Tools 10 HD and 7.1 Tannoys in Surround Sound. Its size makes it perfect for overdubs, dialogue replacement critical mixing or MIDI composing.


Digidesign Icon D-Command
Pre-Amp: API A2D, GoldenAge Pre73, Focusrite Octopre
Compressor: JDK R-22
EQ: GoldenAge EQ73
Pro Tools 10 HD
Alesis HD24
Monitors: Tannoy Stereo and 7.1 Surround, Toa Cubes
Telephone Patch
Flat Screen Monitor
Vast array of Plug-ins and Microphones

Studio Sea

Studio C boasts a state of the art digital console paired with world renown preamps from Neve, API, and SSL. Studio C also has a foley suite with many surfaces, from hard wood, concrete and tile, to dirt, leaves and carpet. On top of being a foley suite, this studio has a great sound for music recordings. It is an open floor concept, putting the engineer in the same room as the artists for a much more personal approach.


Digidesign Icon D-Control
Pre-Amp: SSL, Neve, API, Avid
Compressor: SSL, API
EQ: SSL, JDK, Bettermaker
Pro Tools 10 HD
Alesis HD24
Monitors: Tannoy and Genelec
Vast array of Plug-ins and Microphones