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What Is A Creative Music Signature?

In early radio days, the announcer would make a musical sound or effect to alert the listener of a commercial, and that they should pay attention because it could be of importance to them.  Today advertisers rely on identifiable music signatures or “jingles” to differentiate themselves from other messages or programmed music.  The McDonalds “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign has dozens of different music identities with one basic theme.  Intel and Rogers use a musical sound effect to anchor their image, and some advertisers like Cadillac will use known artists like Led Zeppelin to re-enforce their commercials.  In any case, sound has a tremendous influence on a person’s awareness of products.  The listening audience might not pay attention to the spoken message, but they will hear, react and respond to a repetitive musical identity package.

Why Is A Creative Music Signature Important To Your Business?

Air time costs money... lots of money!  By utilizing an identity package you:
Focus your advertising concepts and marketing elements to make them entirely your own.
Create a specific identity that reflects your mission, your business and your customers.
To have an audio logo that supports your illustrated logo.
Make your message unique to your business and stand out from your competition.
Create a consolidated, repetitive and consistent long-term marketing plan for your business.
Simplify your message for greater understanding and awareness.
Allow repetition of your jingle to make a stronger and more lasting statement.
Subliminally implant your message even when the listener is not paying attention.

Remember, broadcast is the very best way to support and strengthen other mediums of advertising that you might be currently using, and a jingle will amplify that effectiveness.

Please listen to our Demo for examples of previous jingles we have worked on. Should you require more information, contact The Beach at 403.237.6267.